The philosophy behind the establishment of Ibn Seena English High School as a premier educational institution has been that while academic achievement is a necessary focus, it should not need to be at the expense of other areas of a child’s development.  By placing an equal emphasis on a child’s social, moral and psychological development, students who would graduate from such an institution would be well equipped to deal with real world challenges.


The primary objective at Ibn Seena English High school was to create a safe environment where children would be encouraged to learn through trial and experiential activities.  The children would be encouraged to take risks, ask questions and participate actively in school life and activities with the goal of creating confident, enquiring minds.  Students would also be guided towards self discipline as an emphasis would be placed on self-regulation instead of regimentation.  A natural evolution of such an environment and approach would be the creation of an ethos of respect for self and others.  Students would embrace diversity and a collaborative culture would evolve.

Today Ibn Seena English High School represents the realization of this vision.  For almost 35 years this school has been true to it’s original philosophy and approach.  The quality of the graduates is evident in the number of students who are accepted in leading colleges around the world and also in the number of students who go on to succeed in their professions.  The Alumni record is a testament to the achievement of these past students.  Ibn Seena is exceptionally proud of the fact that it is an institution that has consistently offered the highest quality of education at a affordable price - This has allowed many families access to quality education which would otherwise be out of their reach.  The majority of students at Ibn Seena come from homes where English is never spoken and either one or both parents have not even completed High  school education.  In spite of this handicap, students at Ibn Seena perform exceptionally well in International assessments and their achievements contribute to the advancement of their families. 


We provide access to affordable education for all, within a fertile and safe environment where students learn to think creatively and translate those ideas into action.  We equip students with a holistic set of skills and attitudes that empower them to be successful in any and all endeavors they choose to undertake in their lives.  By  doing so we create students who are enlightened, confident, self-directed learners who embrace and respect diversity.  These students become active contributors, collaborators, and leaders within their communities, families and professional fields.  


We see ourselves creating a generation of socially adept, ecologically conscious, and tolerant innovators who can adapt to global situations and changes.  We will achieve this by our continued commitment to providing quality education with a dedicated team of teachers.  Our teachers will continue to receive professional development training to enable them to meet the evolving needs of the 21st Century learners through the use of creative teaching techniques, technological resources and differentiated instruction.


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